CFA Distinguished Alumni Awards

Boston University, September 2018

Theatre and Resistance Symposium

CUNY Graduate Center NYC, Jan 2018

PHIL Talk: The Importance of Fun in Community Engagement

(with Devyn Mañibo)

Philanthropy NY, June 2017

  • Keynote Provocation, Social Arts Inclusion Lab, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, June 2022

  • Panelist, "Why Boal Now?" Launch of Augusto Boal's Archives, Digital Theatre UK, April 2022

  • Speaker, "The Power of the Arts to Have Social and Policy Impact", Grantmakers in the Arts conference, Oakland CA, Oct 2018

  • Panelist, Stronger Together Symposium, Support Center for Nonprofit Management, New York City, Sept 2018

  • Speaker, IDEA Conference: Innovate@BU, Questrom School of Business, Boston, April 2018

  • Keynote, Innovations in Participatory Democracy conference, Arizona State University, March 2018

  • Presenter, Theatre Communications Group National Conference, Washington DC, 2016

  • Presenter, Open Society Foundation / United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Convening: Inclusive Governance, New York City, June 2015


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